Raleigh Stride 2 — Mary

“Large capacity, ease of fitting baby seat, local availability, known brand, easy to use gears.

How many years have you been riding a cargo bike?

“Less than 1 year”

Do you have any children and if so how old are they?

“15 months, one of.”

What other cargo do you use the bike for? Work? Shopping? Pets? Anything else?

“Work commute when local, nursery run, trips within the local area, trips to allotment, some shopping, getting to volunteer commitments.””

What would you say are the main uses for your cargo bike? (e.g. “school run”, “commuting”, “deliveries”, “leisure”)?

“Commuting and Nursery Run”

Has the cargo bike you chose worked out for you?

“It’s awesome!”

Would you make a different decision about which cargo bike to buy / whether to buy one now?

“No, tho I’m frustrated that we can’t get the rain cover at the moment.

Would you say having a cargo bike has changed your life? If so, how?

“I cycle with my son, it’s removed nearly all sub one mile car trips, or tedious buggy pushes, within our local area. I commute to Guides and my workplace when I’m working locally.”

Is there anything wish you’d known before you acquired the cargo bike you have?

“We asked a lot of questions when we bought it and did a lot of research”

Do you have any other comments about riding a cargo bike in Stroud?

“Wider cycle lanes, or any cycle lanes on the London Road from Chalford, better cargo bike parking,”