Tern GSD — Beki

“Because it best suits the terrain of Stroud (the hills!)

How many years have you been riding a cargo bike?

“3-5 years”

Do you have any children and if so how old are they?

“Two children: 6 and 8.

What other cargo do you use the bike for? Work? Shopping? Pets? Anything else?

“It is my main mode of transport – work, shopping, everything!”

What would you say are the main uses for your cargo bike? (e.g. “school run”, “commuting”, “deliveries”, “leisure”)?

“School run; commuting; delivering children to clubs; councillor work (meetings etc)”

Has the cargo bike you chose worked out for you?


Would you make a different decision about which cargo bike to buy / whether to buy one now?


Would you say having a cargo bike has changed your life? If so, how?

“Yes. It has transformed my life. I no longer drive!

Is there anything wish you’d known before you acquired the cargo bike you have?

“Fitting the Storm Box (weather protection for children) means you can’t remove it, so you can’t put on panniers when the kids aren’t there, and adult passengers can put their feet on the ground.”

Do you have any other comments about riding a cargo bike in Stroud?

“The infrastructure is terrible for cyclists and very frustrating.

A disproportionate amount of people seem to have ginormously oversized cars. Brake pads wear out very quickly.