Yuba Mundo — Matt

“Best option from a limited number when I was buying 9 years ago

How many years have you been riding a cargo bike?

“More than 5 years

Do you have any children and if so how old are they?

“8 & 10”

What other cargo do you use the bike for? Work? Shopping? Pets? Anything else?

“It’s taken the place of our second car so everything; commuting, deliveries, errands, shopping etc…“

What would you say are the main uses for your cargo bike? (e.g. “school run”, “commuting”, “deliveries”, “leisure”)?

“Transporting our child to school and elsewhere, leisure cycling as a family, getting shopping home.”

Has the cargo bike you chose worked out for you?


Would you make a different decision about which cargo bike to buy / whether to buy one now?

“I may buy one with a smaller rear wheel to lower the centre of gravity.”

Would you say having a cargo bike has changed your life? If so, how?

“We’ve had ours for around 9 years and are a one car family. The car regularly sits on the drive all week without use as my wife has an e-commuter bike too. Things around town are easier and faster on the bike… I can’t imagine queuing in traffic to get across town and wonder (while looking at all the cars sat there with one person in them) what town would be like if more people had an ebike!”

Is there anything wish you’d known before you acquired the cargo bike you have?

Not really.”

Do you have any other comments about riding a cargo bike in Stroud?

“Having an e bike makes it safer as you can keep up with the flow of traffic. Generally the infrastructure provision for bikes is poor.”